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All Purpose Metal Polish

All Purpose Metal Polish 30grams BS-8551 BossilA metal polish specially formulated to polish, clean, and protect metal surfaces (chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, copper brass, etc.). It has powerful yet gentle abrasive property making it ideal for restoring the shine of heavily weathered and corroded surfaces. It leaves behind an invisible wax coating that is water repellent and protects against fingerprints and further corrosion. It is water dispersible thus allowing easy cleaning and reuse of polishing cloths.
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EVERPURE SCALEKLEEN TO DELIME: 1 KG PACKETS (EV9798-35)Restores equipment to peak operating efficiency by removing scale build-up. Quickly removes limescale from coffee brewers. Ideal for deliming steam and ware washing equipment. Great for office coffee system (OCS) applications. Non-toxic, safe to skin and won’t burn clothing. Sewer system disposable; can be poured down the drain. Use with 4JT Flushing/Sanitizing Cartridge.
Supplier : Silver Corner DUBAI
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Disinfectant Cleaner

3M™ Quat Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate 5H, 5LModel No.:df29e3cacd82Model:Quat Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate 5H, 5LBrand:3MEPA-registered disinfectant cleaner for use in hospitals. Kills HIV-1, MRSA, VRE, herpes simplex I and II and other pathogens. Rinse-free, pleasant fragrance. High flow for dispensing into buckets. Concentrated, one-step, Hospital Use disinfectant cleaner.
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Universal multi-purpose detergent for the daily cleaning of hard surfaces. Excellent also for scrubbing machine. Green apple scent, allergen-free (Reg. 648/2004), delicate and long-lasting fragrance. Phosphate and nickel-free (less than 0.01 ppm).DILUTION: 1% (100 ml in 10L). The suggested dilution allows to economize and reduces the environmental impact to the minimum. A small amount of product is enough compared to a diluted product.
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BICYCLE CLEANING DETERGENTTo manually clean motorbikes. Gently and effectively removes typical dirt such as brake dust, tyre wear, insects, mud and oil. A dream to use thanks to the sticky gel formula.
Supplier : Karcher Center Dubai DUBAI
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HILTI CF-F 750 FILLING FOAMUniversal filling foam for air-sealing, filling and insulating gaps and cracksFoam yield (up to): 35 lApplication temperature range: 5 - 30 °CProduct class: Standard
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Drinking water treatment suppliers in UAE
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Through the use of a selection of hardware goods, superior personal customer attention, and reasonable prices, Alliance will capitalize on this incredible opportunity. A location has been secured that offers very good foot traffic and easy accessibility. The store will efficiently lay out the store to increase sales and give the customers the utmost in attention. The projected growth rate for Alliance is quite steady.
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Alpha Gypsum / Bentonite / Industrial Salt

Attn: Purchasing Manager / Project Manager   Greetings from Signature Design Arena!!!   We are a General Trading & Logistics Service Provider based in Sharjah, U.A.E dealing with Alpha Gypsum, Beta Gypsum, Bentonite, Industrial Salt, Lime Stone, Iron Ore, Bauxite.    Please feel to contact us for any further information. Waiting for your valuable order.   Thanks & Regards, ­­­­ Signature Design Arena LLC Sharjah Media City Free Zone Sharjah, U.A.E Mob: +971 568775005 Email :  
Supplier : Signature Design Arena LLC SHARJAH
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Sodium Alginate Powder

Sodium Alginate is the sodium salt form of alginic acid and gum mainly extracted from the cell walls of brown algae, with chelating activity. Suitable for pharmaceuticals industry, food industry, impressions, cosmetics etc.
Supplier : Marine Hydrocolloids Kochi
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Yuoto Luscious - Banana Ice 3000

Yuoto Luscious' Banana Ice 3000 is a sweet, creamy banana with a cold, frosty taste of mint!Yuoto Luscious is composed of high-quality metal materials and is both lightweight and portable as well as long-lasting. It includes a built-in 1350mAh battery that, despite its small size, may be thrown away once it has been used. Every disposable is built with master craft perfection and includes a huge e-juice capacity and high-quality salt nicotine coupled with delightful tastes. The pods have an 8ml capacity, which is plenty for daily use.
Supplier : Vape Monkey UAE DUBAI
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Inhibitor And Sealants

BURNDY®, located in Manchester, NH providesreliable connection systems and solutions to thet e l e communi c a tions , da t a , indus tri a l andinstrumentation and energy industries. Exceptionalcustomer service, the industry's highest qualityproducts, and continuous innovation are the things thatBURNDY® prides itself on providing. We have a widerange of tolling for all your connector needs and anelectrical connector to meet every one of your powerneeds. Connectors are available for splicing, tapping,terminating, for conducting or grounding with systemdesigned tools for application by hydraulic, mechanicalor powder actuation.
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Gypsum Powder

Fine Gypsum Powder for use of Ceramic and marble floor Covering.
Supplier : Gulf Gypsum Industries Co LLC DUBAI
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Gypsum plaster

Sadaf Gypsum is  supplier of gypsum powder, white cement and hydrated lime 
Supplier : Sadaf gypsum SHARJAH
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Hydrogen Peroxide

We introduced ourselves as M/S UNIPHOS INTERNATIONAL LTD (formerly known as Uniphos Agro Industries Ltd.), Mumbai, India, are a group company of M/s UPL LIMITED [] which is one of the third largest manufacturers of Agro Chemicals in the world with a group turnover of about $ 6.5 billion. UPL has offices in 18 countries in the world.We are attaching herewith our Company profile and product list. If you have a requirement for any chemicals then please do let us know.   Thanking and assuring you of our best services at all times. Hoping to hear from you soon.Thanks & regards,BHUSHAN  JOGAL (BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER)UNIPHOS INTERNATIONAL  LIMITED(An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company)Readymoney Terrace, 167 Dr. A. B. Road,Worli, Mumbai - 400018, IndiaTEL: + 91-22-6123 3500; Fax :91-22-24938826 India Mobile : + 91- 98703 43304Singapore Mobile: +65 8375 1467web:      Email : bhushan.jogal@uilonline.comSkype : upl.bhushan.jogal     MSN : bhushan.jogalOUR CIN NO : U 24219 GJ 1992 PLC 027317
Supplier : Uniphos International Ltd MUMBAI
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Silica gel blue and white crystalsThe range of particle crystals size we offer are:1-3 mesh3-4 mesh3-8 mesh5-8 mesh9-16 mesh Silica gel blue, orange and white beadsThe range of particle crystals size we offer are:1-3 mesh3-4 mesh3-8 mesh5-8 mesh9-16 mesh16-30 mesh30-100 mesh Why Choose Us?Quality AssuranceHigh Mechanical strengthLow-pressure drop, Resistance to channelingHigh capacity, high bulk densityWater-resistance adsorbentEasy in regenerationFast delivery 
Supplier : Al Zain General Trading LLC DUBAI
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What is Barite? Barite is a mineral composed of barium sulfate (BaSO4). It receives its name from the Greek word "barys" which means "heavy." This name is in response to barite's high specific gravity of 4.5, which is exceptional for a nonmetallic mineral. The high specific gravity of barite makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial, medical, and manufacturing uses. Barite also serves as the principal ore of barium. Uses of Barite Most barite produced is used as a weighting agent in drilling muds. This is what 99% of the barite consumed in the United States is used for. These high-density muds are pumped down the drill stem, exit through the cutting bit and return to the surface between the drill stem and the wall of the well. This flow of fluid does two things: 1) it cools the drill bit; and, 2) the high-density barite mud suspends the rock cuttings produced by the drill and carries them up to the surface. Barite is also used as a pigment in paints and as a weighted filler for paper, cloth and rubber. The paper used to make some playing cards has barite packed between the paper fibers. This gives the paper a very high density that allows the cards to be "dealt" easily to players around a card table. Barite is used as a weighting filler in rubber to make "anti-sail" mudflaps for trucks. Barite is the primary ore of barium, which is used to make a wide variety of barium compounds. Some of these are used for x-ray shielding. Barite has the ability to block x-ray and gamma-ray emissions. Barite is used to make high-density concrete to block x-ray emissions in hospitals, power plants, and laboratories. Barite compounds are also used in diagnostic medical tests. If a patient drinks a small cup of liquid that contains a barium powder in a milkshake consistency, the liquid will coat the patient's esophagus. An x-ray of the throat taken immediately after the "barium swallow" will image the soft tissue of the esophagus (which is usually transparent to x-rays) because the barium is opaque to x-rays and blocks their passage. A "barium enema" can be used in a similar way to image the shape of the colon. Barytes or barite is a colorless or white mineral; often tinged with yellow, red, brown, and sometimes blue. The crystalline system is rhombic. Barytes is found sometimes as transparent crystals, but generally it is opaque. Barite increases the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling mud allowing it to compensate for high-pressure zones experienced during drilling. The softness of the mineral also prevents it from damaging drilling tools during drilling and enables it to serve as a lubricant.
Supplier : Goods Exim International AL AIN
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Sealant General Purpose

DOLPHIN 600HP General Purpose is a ready to use, single-component low modulus and neutral cure alkoxy silicone sealant. It is highly flexible with Joint movement capability 50% and good adhesion with a wide range of both porous and non-porous surfaces.
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Vaultex Organic Sorbent Pillow, LLB, 3 Litres

Item NameOrganic Sorbent PillowModelLLBBrandVaultexColourWhiteSize10 x 10 InchAbsorbency3 LitresBrand Origin (not manufacture)IndiaPacking Quantity1UnitPiece
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Process Plant Design & Engineering. Process trouble shoo􀀚ng and solu􀀚ons. Feasibility studies and project reports. Design & Engineering packages for IndustrialInstrumenta􀀚on & Electricals. Moderniza􀀚on & Troubleshoo􀀚ng for Exis􀀚ngplants. Consultancy for all types of process plants. Commissioning packages for Process Plants.
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best waxing salon in dubai

We reveal the best places for waxing in Dubai. The promising new treatments offered by these leading salons offer better results and less pain.
Supplier : Royal Shahnaz DUBAI
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Plastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltr

HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.products, oils and beauty products.HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning productsPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrPlastic Jerrican Top Handle Jerrycan Top Handle 5 Liter Ltr 4 Liter ltrHDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.HDPE bottles are used to package many household detergents,cleaning products, oils and beauty products.
Supplier : SB Group FZE LLC DUBAI
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One Pack Flakes

We offer our clients a wide range of One Pack Flakes are the combination of individual lead singles stabilizers, lubricants (internal/External) and other additives so as to give balanced type of one package system optimum in stability action and their rheological effectiveness.
Supplier : Sri Krishna Polyflex HYDERABAD
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Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof TopPolyvinyl chloride watertight membrane is a roofing material, which is made of top quality. Depending upon the application area you will find unreinforced and reinforced membranes. Reinforced waterproof membrane has a base in the form of glass fiber or polyester mesh and it is used for watertight of roofs. Reinforced membranes have increased durability. Unreinforced membranes are more flexible, have high tear resistance plus are used for watertight of underground structures, pools, tunnels. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof Top Manufacturers of Polyvinyl chloride membranes offer diverse length and width of the material. The width of the material varies from 3 mtr to 50 mrt The rolls may be between 60 plus 60 mtr  in length. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof TopThe thickness of the Polyvinyl chloride membrane is 1.2 mm. Such diversity in the choice of Polyvinyl chloride membranes enables laying the roofing of almost any complexity with a minimum of labour costs and seams. Specifications of Polyvinyl chloride membrane - Polyvinyl chloride membrane is used mainly for waterproof of buildings and roofs. As this substance is very simple to install, strong enough, has long service life, Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof Top  all this places the Polyvinyl chloride mechanism into a high degree comparing to bituminous roofing materials, particularly considering that such substances need constant maintenance and repair. Due to its construction, the Polyvinyl chloride membrane is very strong and concurrently flexible material that's resistant to precipitation, ultra violet radiation, able to withstand heavy aluminium and surface loads. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof TopAmong Polyvinyl chloride watertight membrane's qualities its vapor should be emphasized. As a result of this attribute humidity can be let by the substance out. Therefore the building insulation doesn't become wet and doesn't condense moisture. In addition. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof Top if some portions of the membrane are damaged, own vapor permeability will also contribute to the removal of humidity from the building. Thanks to the additional usable area on such roofs it's possible to organize a place for recreation and entertainment, they're covered with a carpet of vegetation. Here the membrane covering of the roofing is simply irreplaceable. Polyvinyl chloride waterproof membrane can serve for almost half a century without losing its credibility and positive characteristics. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof TopManufacturers offer a wide range of coloring for application of Polyvinyl chloride membranes on flat roofs of new buildings. Experts specify that the Polyvinyl chloride membrane doesn't require additional maintenance during operation. Installation technology of Polyvinyl chloride waterproof - After preparation of the foundation this sheet of drainage geo textiles is laid. Pvc Waterproof for Basement and Roof Top Then the roofing can be further insulated with foam polystyrene or basalt wool. Then you may start this installation of this membrane coating. For waterproof of structures with Polyvinyl chloride membrane special hot air welding machine plus construction dryers are used. Welding can be carried out by hot air using automatic equipment that optimize the temperature, speed and pressing force.Basement Waterproofing ContractorsCustomers might take steps to make sure they find the ideal contractor for their job. A roof, cellar or unprotected foundation can cost several thousand dollars worth of injury and significantly decrease a home's value. Finding out exactly what repairs you want and after that can save you tons of money. Finding a waterproof contractor to suit your needs is very important. You inspect and need to clean the gutters for damage or any leakage. You should scrutinize your drain slope, water should be discharged away from the home for at least 48. Standing water near the home may cause foundation damage. Basement Waterproofing ContractorsYou should inspect drainpipes for any leakage. In case you've any leaky or busted pipes, you need to call a specialist plumber instantly. It is possible to test your cellar walls by infiltration by simply taking a 12 piece of aluminum foil and attaching it into the damp wall. If there is water on the outside the foil, the condensation of it, water on the inside indicates seepage. A lot of people find the best way to find a watertight contractor to be word-of mouth. Family and friends are frequently wonderful resources of locating contractors and may give you first hand accounts of their experience. Basement Waterproofing ContractorsIt's also advisable to consult the AL MUZALAAT BUILDING MAINTENANCE LLC. In addition into asking friends and family to get referrals. Professional waterproof contractors are frequently members of this organization. The AL MUZALAAT BUILDING MAINTENANCE LLC  is a customer gives a wealth of information and based organization. It's never a bad idea to interview and compare several waterproof contractors before making a decision. Ask for references so you might see what past clients have thought about their specific service. In addition, you should compare warranties from all the builders interviewed, read the fine print and ensure your bases are covered. Once you've decided on a contractor that meets your home's needs in addition to your financial needs, you can negotiate a written contract. Basement Waterproofing ContractorsA written contract is absolutely necessary as it summarizes what services of the contractor will provide, expected costs and expected completion time. Waterproofing Info provides detailed info on waterproof systems, including injection waterproof, foundation waterproof, concrete waterproof, deck waterproof, basement waterproof, and waterproof basement walls, as well as waterproof contractors and consultants. Waterproofing Info is affiliated with Business Plans.Contact Us E-MAIL Address: 6 Street #43 - Sharjah United Arab Emirates. CAR PARKING SHADES SUPPLIER 0543839003
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Rubber flooring and Jogging Tracks

ALL types of rubber flooring, waterproofing membrane, EPDM, vynile flooring, race track
Supplier : Tri Colors General Trading LLC Dubai
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Industrial Chemicals

Supplier : Techno King Trading Co LLC DUBAI
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Best Manufacturing Organization in the region meeting Global Standards in the fields of PERSONAL CARE, HOME CARE AND FABRIC CARE
Supplier : Gulf Center Cosmetics Manufacturing LLC ( GCCM ) DUBAI
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99-5001 - Standard Loft Maintenance Roll  •Cellulose pulp sourced from sustainable managed forests •Perforated to meet requirement variations •High wicking speeds. •Environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced absorbent pad •Green credidentials further boost performance due to technology applied •Super fast absorbing, •Will absorb and retain oils, coolants, solvents and water based spills •Very impressive absorption rate •Ultimate fluid retention, due to coverstock on both sides of the roll •Maximum capacity due to high loft construction •Perforated for economy of use •Ideal for maintenance application  Pack Quantity : 1 Pack Weight : 4.000 Unit Size 505 x 403 x 576mm Use to Absorb 62 litres per roll
Supplier : Magus International SHARJAH
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Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy Powder

We bring to you a variety of iron powders. Exacting quality control, large uniform batches, high purity, and particle size uniformity enhance its desirability by manufacturers.On demand, we also provide Specification Certificate or Certificate of Analysis (COA).PURITY : 95 % TO 99.9% (AS PER CUSTOMERS DEMAND) MESH SIZE: 20 to 325 meshTYPICAL APPLICATION : Friction, diamond tools, resin filling, pigments, chemical, jewellery, brazing carbon brushes, Bearings and filter parts, Machine parts, Friction parts (mainly automobile parts).MAIN CHARACHTERISTICS OF PRODUCT: high purity, possibility of low sizes gradesPARTICLE SHAPE: irregular to sphericalRANGE AVAILABLE: Magnesium (metal) powder , Magnesium (metal) ribbon, Magnesium oxide,  Magnesium (metal) turnings, Magnesium acetate tetrahydrate, Magnesium bromide hexahydrate, Magnesium carbonate basic light, Magnesium chloride hexahydrate, Magnesium citrate hydrate, tri-Magnesium dicitrate hydrate, Magnesium fluoride, Magnesium hydroxide, Magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Magnesium phosphate dibasic trihydrate, Magnesium stearate precipitated, Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, Magnesium sulphate dried, Magnesium trisilicate hydrate powder .PLEASE NOTE: Here only shows our regular products, feel free to contact us for more product information
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SterilOx is an electrochemically activated aqueous solution, it is a result of correlation of electrical voltages, chemical reactions and mutual conversion of chemical and electrical energy, based on technology first invented in Russia.
Supplier : Aromaest ABU DHABI
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CONDAT Interleavant powders Flat glass UAE/Oman

MILLTECH FZE -UAE( Authorized distributors for Condat Lubricants, France. (UAE,KUWAIT,BAHRAIN,OMAN,SAUDI ARABIA)Industrial Powder (Glass)
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Anaerobic Adhesives & SealantsCyanoacrylate AdhesivesTwo-Part Epoxy AdhesiveEpoxies – Single PartModified Epoxy and MS Polymer AdhesivesPolyurethane AdhesivesStructural AcrylicUV Light Adhesives
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Best Whey Protein powder in Dubai

Whether you a fitness freak or have an active lifestyle, your protein intake can help keep your muscles healthy and increase muscle mass. But how do you select the best protein? We can select on the basis of taste, digestion-friendly, fat content, etc. Find out a wide range of collections of whey protein from Albeed in Dubai.  From Labrada to Elite Labs, find the best prices on fitness supplements in Dubai
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Oil Spill Kits

Oil Spill Kits. We have built our strong reputation over the years by introducing quality products. To meet the need of the Industry we established a manufacturing unit for industrial and corporate clothing with computer embroidery and screen printing facilities. We continue to offer a comprehensive selection of more than 2000 selected products. One-stop shopping for all your safety requirements.
Supplier : Uruguay Group of Companies ABU DHABI
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Oil Absorbent Pads dubai

Oil Absorbent Pads for Oil spillageFor enquiries pls contact or 058-5191976
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Quick action couplings

Quick action couplings (Millar, Bauer, Parrot, Camlock)
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Conn: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 2” up to 8”Configuration: Std suitable for Multi cartridges 2.5” x 10, 20”, 30” and 40” and Jumbo suitable Multi cartridge of 4.5” x 10” & 20” cartridges. Strainers from 1.5” to 8” for flow ranging from 5m³/hr to 500m³/hr.Flow per 10”: SS 304, SS 316 and SS 316L
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X150-PLUS Pure Epoxy

Extreme pure epoxy resin anchor X150-PLUSETA Option 1 approval for use of threaded rod and rebar in cracked and uncracked concrete ETA Seismic application category C1 ETA Aapproval for post installed rebar ETA Option 7 approved for diamond drilled holes Approved for use with standard commercial threaded rod diameter 8 - 30 and rebar diameter 8 - 32 Approved for overhead useBENEFITS Extreme performance pure epoxy chemical anchor Designed for  extreme applications, like rebar or threaded rods in waterfilled diamond drilled holes Water filled holes and diamond drilled holes approved Shrink free
Supplier : Nasir Hussain Equipment Trading LLC DUBAI
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Brasso Metal Polish 200ml

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Bituminous Membrane, Ultra High performance Roofing and Water Proofing Membrane, Foaming Agent, Elastic Liquid Water Proofing Styrene acrylic Emulsion

Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane, Ultra High performance Roofing and Water Proofing Membrane, Foaming Agent, Elastic Liquid Water Proofing Styrene acrylic EmulsionSBS Bitumen Coat Premould Bitumen BoardBitumen EmulsionFabric
Supplier : HMI Building Material Trading DUBAI
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Surface Treatment Chemicals

We, at Krystal Surface Solution, manufacture wide range of surface treatment chemicals for different applications suiting various industries and application areas including welding and fabrication industries. We provide complete cleaning solution for Stainless Steel related products and equipments for safe in-house Pickling and Passivation, Pickling Gel, Pickling Paste, Stainless Steel Weld Cleaner, Stainless Steel Pickling Gel, and Stainless Steel Pickling Paste for various kinds of job capacities. We also have the professional, sophisticated and fully integrated technically upgraded lab with latest lab equipments.
Supplier : Krystal Surface Solution THANE
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Geco - Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate

GIPL supplies Refrigerant gases of varied specifications and is applicable in diverse industries, ranging from, Automotive: Vehicle manufacturing and maintenance. Food and Beverage Industry: Frozen food, soft drink and juice manufacturers and dairy products. Cold stores: for preservation offresh and frozen fruits, vegetables and meat products. Refrigeration and air- conditioning manufacturers – Chillers, split units and window A/C air handling units. District Cooling Air-conditioning for high-rise buildings and residential complexes via distribution of chilled water. Original Equipment Manufacture’s: Refrigerators, chest freezer, water cooler, dispenser and chilledshelving.All European refillable cylinders are manufactured in ISO 9002 certified facilities to meet AHRI, DOT, TC, and European requirements. All refillable refrigerant cylinders exceed industry regulations for quality and are manufactured in facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices and regulations.We provide high quality non-refillable, refillable, recovery, and high pressure cylinders the industry has trusted for more than 28 years
Supplier : Geco Industrial Packing SHARJAH
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Perforated Bubbles series

Acoustic Perforated Gypsum Wallboard and CeilingsPerforated hole diameter: 12mm, 20mm &35mm
Supplier : Long Range Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taipei
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Radiator Water Supplier UAE

High Pure Distilled Water for Radiator coolantCALL US 24X7 LIVE SUPPORT 056 93 59 58 9
Supplier : Nova Green General Trading LLC AJMAN
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Chemical Suppliers in Sharjah

We are a specialist in Specialty chemical partner in Water Treatment,Industrial, Oilfield , Glass & Galvanizing industries, Packing ,Printing , Laboratory chemicals, Perfume raw material supplies like Caustic Soda Liquid, Caustic Soda Prills, Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC), Citric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide 35%, HCL, MPG, Soda Ash, SMBS, Sulphuric Acid, Zetag 8165, Antispumin, Ferric chloride, Calcium chloride , Calcium Hypochlorite, MEK, Caustic soda Flakes, Methanol, Mono ethylene Glycol(MEG), Tri ethanol Amine (TEA), Urea , DM Water, Sodium hypochlorite, Tikka Tablet, HTH Calcium Hypochlorite, Acetone,  Methylene Chloride, Talc,  Calcium Carbonate, Zinc oxide, Nitric Acid 65%, Ammonium Chloride,  ethanol,  Ethyl Acetate , Methoxy propanol,  DPG, Triethylene  glycol, Printing Inks, Liquor Ammonia,   Zinc Chloride,  Chromic Acid,  Aluminum Sulphate, Antiscalent, Polyelectrolyte , Salt and water treatment ,perfume , Gold manufacturing machineries and etc.Contact : +971523252423/
Supplier : Gulf Roots General Trading LLC SHARJAH
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One step forming polyethylene corrosive cabinet provide maximum safety storage protection for storing strong polyethylene or corrosive chemicals SYSBEL Polyethylene corrosive cabinet, with seamless structure, ensure almost no leakage, and excellent performance of corrosion resistance and secondary leakage prevention and control. Double padlocks help to achieve double-person lock management, which is in line with EPA264.175 of the U.S. EPA, OSHA29CFR1910.1450 of the U.S. OSHA and Chinese Management of Hazardous Chemicals Ordinance (December 1, 2011 edition). On the cabinet doors, there are acidic and corrosive chemical warning labels to give your chemical storage management double guarantee. Undercounter Double Door Polyethylene Corrosive Cabinet ACP80002 22 Gal storage capacity; all-plastic and no magnetic door holder design, excellent corrosion resistance; cabinet shelves can be removed according to needs to improve space utilization; on both sides of cabinet, there are two vents, can open the lid for ventilation or discharge of pressure gas when necessary; double padlock design to meet the requirements for double-person lock management. The product is CE certified.
Supplier : Clear Way Building Materials Trading ABU DHABI
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Silica Sand Size: 0-0.300mm, 0-0.600mm ,0.600 -1.18, 1.18- 2.36, 0.500 -1.00 mm, 0.400 -0.800, Etc… Used in : Construction chemical Industries, GRC, Paint Industries, Industrial Coating, Swimming Pool Etc… FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CONTACTEMAIL ID: sales@ishantradingllc.comCONTACT NO: +971505503474/ +97144277068
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Coating Thickness Gauge

Coating thickness gauges are economical model integrated with probe. It can measure the thickness of coating fast and efficiently. It is a combination of magnetic induction measurement for non-magnetic coatings on magnetic materials as well as Eddy current measurement. It can measure the coating of magnetic and non-magnetic materials.
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HEXAMETHYLDISILAZANE ( HMDS / HMDZ )HMDS is an organ silicon compound; this colourless liquid is a reagent and a precursor to bases that are popular in organic synthesis and organ metallic chemistry. The product is usually handled using air-free techniques.
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VCI Dessicants Supplier in dubai

desiccants are specially formulated dehumidifiers to control the relative humidity in the enclosed packaging system where damp environments can cause problemsFOR MORE INFO CONTACT :basheer@polytradefze.com0565501004
Supplier : United Polytrade FZE AJMAN
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WaterproofingWHITE METAL the most reputed firm inUAE carrying out works of polyurethane chemicals and applicator of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam System, licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, AJMANWe have strong background and expertise in the field of polyurethane spray foam system. Our installation teams provide quick application, courteous service whilst always maintaining excellent quality standards. We provide 10 years warranty and after sales service.Our spray polyurethane foam can be applied effectively on pipes, tanks and roofs to get the right heat insulation U-value.POLYURETHANE ROOFING SYSTEMOur Polyurethane Roofing system provides complete solution in providing Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing and Strengthening roofing structures.
Supplier : White Metal Contracting LLC AJMAN
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Split Kit 30 gallon

Code: ZOSK 120L - 120Ltr. / 30 Gallon Oil Spill Kit, Content as follows:Oil Absorbent Pads (50cm x 40cm)50Oil Absorbent Socks (8cm x 120cm)3Oil Absorbent Socks (8cm x 240cm)3Oil Absorbent Pillow (46cm x 46cm)3Disposal Bag & Tie5Pair of Gloves & Goggle1Spill Control Guide Sheet1Spill Kit Label1120 Ltr Yellow Wheeled Bin1
Supplier : Avensia Group DUBAI
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Hylomar Universal Blue. Gasket & jointing compound

 Hylomar® Universal Blue. The leading non-setting gasket & jointing compound
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AQUALINK DESALINATION  member  of  AQUALINK DESAL GROUP-U.S.A. since 1990  OPERATING FOR MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA  FOR  WATER  TREATMENT AND  CONSULTATION . AQUALINK has appointed  Eng`r. Khalid as the Chief  Technical Director  Operation  for  Middles  East  &  ( MEnA ) African  region. @  On  behalf of AQUALINK DESAL GROUP ( CEO ) Eng`r. Khalid is a successful and highly Professional  Engineer  since +36 years practical experience and Consultants of desalination, bottling water factories  &  Industrial Waste Water Treatment along-with domestic with Solar power. A strong leadership motivating team to deliver effective solutions On behalf of  AQUALINK Desalination has done many Desalination  &  Mineral water bottling factories on  turnkey projects in Europe / UAE / Middle  East, Africa  in  Sudan, Tanzania  &  Kenya. @ His role also to maintain of Tender D/Os  related to projects.Aqualink Desalination is a global leader in water treatment with advance and latest  technologies.    PROJECTS   AWARDED ! @  AQUALINK Desalination signed for many Projects and ( AMC ) for preventive & corrective maintenance of  RO Desalination Plants and Swimming pools water , Cooling & Chiller by the systems  equip, according  to  W.H.O and Authorities municipality Parameters @  AQUALINK Awarded project RO Desalination Plants  to  H.H. SHK AMMAR BIN HUMAID AL NUAIMI Vice Ruler of Ajman -UAE. Aqualink  desalination already commissioned many RO.Desalination Plants awarded  to Aqualink by  ( Their Town Planning  &  Designing company, Ajman UAE ) @ Aqualink Commissioned Water bottling factory  UMQ - UAE Production:5,500 BPH sizes:330ml, 500ml &1500ml with self making bottles blow machine,filling & labeling all linked connected conveyor each machine full Automation -PLC. @  Aqualink Commissioned RO Desalination Plant with ( 20Liter ) Mineral water bottling factory in Sudan-Khartoum, The Owner-big  Investor  H.H.SHK. SULTAN BIN KHALID  AL QASIMI Sharjah -UAE  Production:900 BPH the biggest water bottling factory in AFRICA. source feeding from RIVER Neil water to Pure mineral Water Produce. AQUALINK  has  Perfect  Technical  Team  with  Expertise  of  Water Treatment , Purification , any kind  of  feed  Water  to  make  pure water  by  their  latest technologies , and  Waste Water  for recycling ,,                                                                                         MADE  IN  U.S.A .                    
Supplier : Aqualink Desalination Equipt, Tr. DUBAI
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Mapei Adhesives & Grouts

Mapei manufactures the following product lines:• Adhesives for ceramic tile and natural stone floor and wall coverings• Grouts and flexible sealants• Adhesives for resilient, textile, and wooden floor and wall coverings• Products for the preparation of all substrates used in building• Admixtures for mortars and concrete• External wall protecting and decorative coatings• Cementitious and resin floor coverings• Products for wooden floors• Products for underground constructions• Special hydraulic binders• Pre-mixed mortars and special products for the repair of concrete• Mortars and binders for the restoration of masonry structures• Shotcrete accelerators• Waterproofing materials and anti-humidity agents• Soundproofing systems• Thermal insulation systems• Cement Additives
Supplier : Chythanya Building Materials Trading LLC Dubai DUBAI
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Empiral Oil Absorbent Booms

OIL ABSOBENT BOOMS SIZE: 5″ x 10′ ABSORBENCY: 26 Gallons of Oil. WEIGHT PER BOX: 22 Lbs. Flexible tubes filled with highly absorbent material. All in One construction stitches the sock and net together and aligns the rope along one side. Absorb Petroleum based liquids but resist water. Contain a high-performance blend of chopped polypropylene and Cold Form TM cellulose fibers. A Strong Rope runs along the length with rust proof end rings and snap hooks to make deployment faster and easier. Brand: Empiral Colors: White Material: Cellulose Fibers, Polypropylene Origin: USA
Supplier : Sams General Trading LLC DUBAI
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Chemline 784/32

Amfico Agencies Pvt Ltd is proud to introduce Advanced Polymer Coatings a US based Manufacturer of Chemline 784/32 a coating that delivers significantly improved product performance and anti- corrosion resistance.We are the sole agents in India for Advanced Polymer Coatings Chem Line 784/32
Supplier : Amfico Agencies Pvt. Ltd. DUBAI
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Metallurgical Testing Laboratory in UAE

Al Hoty stanger laboratory Offers expertise in  mechanical &metallurgy testing services and welded samples quality checking.,NDT testingAHSL offers mechanical/metallurgical tests on metallic / alloy material and welded samples to determine the physical, mechanical and chemicalproperties, identifying material grades, establishing the reliability ofwelder’s performance through Welder Qualification Tests, certify the weldprocedures through Weld Procedure Qualification Tests by a Certified welding Inspectors (CWI)
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I am dr mustafa alaghaliy from the ssd chemical solution and activation,we carry out cleaning of money and we do them with great discount,we also have  machine available in our store and the company is world wide but our main branch is in dubai(UAE)the machine is available at a very low price ffordable for any person who is interested in can  EMAIL
Supplier : Barax Group Chemical Laboratory Ltd DUBAI
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Gypsum rocks are known for its remarkable physical and chemical properties and widely used by cement factories and gypsum powder factories among others.  Accordingly, we are one of the credible miners, suppliers and exporters of the best quality gypsum rocks.  It is source directly from our mine and chemically tested to assure quality and efficiency.  Our highly consistent gypsum rocks are available in various sizes in bulk. Production sizes: ·         0-50mm, 50-150mm, 50-250mm It is available in our mine and we are offering it in the following products namely Gypsum Powder, Gypsum Board and Gypsum Ceiling Tiles.
Supplier : Wasit General Trading LLC RAS AL KHAIMAH
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Food Chemicals

Sr. No.ProductsApplications1.Butylated Hydroxy toluene(2,6 DBPC)Antioxidant for food products, industrial fats, Oils and fatty acids, also used in feed & forage products as antioxidant.2.Tertiary butyl hydroquinone(TBHQ)Excellent antioxidants for vegetable oils, edible animal fats, essential oils, nuts, foods and food packaging materials.3.Butylated Hydroxy Anisole(BHA)Antioxidant for variety of food products like edible oils, fats, meat products, spices, snack foods etc.4.Propyl GallateAntioxidant to stabilize cosmetics, food packaging materials, and foods containing fats. As an additive, it may be found in edible fats, oils, mayonnaise, shortening, baked goods, candy, dried meat, fresh pork sausage, and dried milk, and it is used in hair grooming products, pressure-sensitive adhesives, lubricating oil additives, and transforming oils.5.Sodium CaseinateUsed for Meat Tendering6.Citrus PectinMost versatile gelling, thickening and stabilizers used in Fruit Processing, Jams, Jellies, desserts, Bakery Fillings, Toppings, Fruit preparations for dairy, Dairy Applications such as Acidified milk and protein drinks, Yoghurts (thickening) , Confectionary-Fruit Jellies, Beverages- Permanent cloud stabilizer7.Potassium Sorbate FCC IVPreservative (food grade)8.Sorbic Acid FCC IVPreservative (food grade)9.Benzoic AcidPreservative (food grade and medicinal grade), Anti- microorganism medicinal preparation , Plastic plasticizer and organic synthesis raw material.10.Beta Carotene 1% SD (Spray Dried Powder)Coloration of beverages, instant products puddings, confectionary, bakery, sorbet, milk products and other water based products. Beta carotene 10% DGColoration of beverages, instant products, puddings, confectionary, bakery, dairy products and other water based foods. Beta carotene 22% UFSUsed for colorization of popcorn oil and other oil based foods where heat stability is required. Dietary supplements including liquid oral dosage and soft gelatin capsules. Beta carotene 30% UFSUsed for coloring oils, fats and oil based foods including margarine, cheese, ice cream, soups, bakery products, mayonnaise, salad dressing and sauces. Additional uses include beverages, soft drinks and snacks. Natural Beta-carotene with mixed carotenoids (from Dunaliella salina) 1% , 2.5% and 7.5%Used for oil enrichment11.Asta Feed 10%Ideal for fortification of extruded feed, producing consistent pigmentation in aquaculture applications.12.Citric Acid Anhydrous BP98/Citric Acid MonohydratePreservatives, synergist for antioxidants, flavoring agents.13.Textured Soy Protein concentrate/isolate/TVPUsed for Meat processing14.Soya LecithinBakery products15.FlavorsNatural Flavors for dairy products, juices etc.
Supplier : Aastrid Middle East SHARJAH
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Valve Sealant & Grease Transfer Pump

Ultra-High Pressure pumps and packages by ARO - Ingersoll Rand for transferring and injection of sealants / grease in Christmas tree / well head valves.Ratio: 100/1Flowrate: 0.95 Kg/min
Supplier : ARO Pumps by Ingersoll Rand DUBAI
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We deal with:  2ml Autosampler Vials Headspace GC Vials Shell Vials,PTFE Silicone Septa Cap Vial Rack,Vial Insert,Syringe FilterPLEASE SENT US YOUR REQUIREMENT TO salesATajilgroupDOTcom. (wwwDOTajilgroupDOTcom)
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2 tap water cooler inuae

2 tap water cooler in UAE“DANA” is the most familiar brand and most used brand of drinking water coolers and heat pumps (water heater –cum- chiller indoor and outdoor) .We have exceptional reputation for customer support and model availability with premium features. With More than 40 years of experience in designing equipment exclusively for standard and customized systems, we ensure the highest standards of quality for the global market. Delivery schedules are promptly executed to meet market deadlines and International Standards. Our water coolers are used in Worker Accommodations,Labor Camps,Mosques,Schools,Restaurants.Our products are exported to Qatar,Bahrain,Oman,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Kenya,Jordan & vast number of other Arab countries.CONTACT:- Mr Ankur +971507983153weblink:-
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Absorbent Pad (Universal)

SYSBEL Absorbent with polypropylene absorbent material (MBPP) features high absorption rate, rapid absorption, good cleaning effect, which don’t react with polar, toxic, hazardous chemicals, and is safe to use, causing no harm to personal health. Waste disposal is low in cost, and clean-up of spilled liquid is simple.It is a good helper for your workplace cleaning! Absorbent Pad(Universal) both for oil and water as well as some corrosive chemicals
Supplier : Reunion Safety Equipment Trading ABU DHABI
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Silicone Sealant

Variety of ProductsFire Tape Adhesive L.L.C was Establish in United Arab Emirates in 1999 as converter of all kind of adhesive tape product used for sealing, packing and ducting. Over the years due to client request we added some more products such as masking tape, duck tape, warning tape, foam tape, pvc insulation tape and also jumbo rolls of all kind of tape.Highest StandardsAll product meet or exceed the highest standards of quality by the consumer and Fire Tape has been committed to customer satisfaction also our aim to drive for excellent quality, prefect services with the best located warehouse in the heart of Dubai.FIRE TAPE BrandOur products are currently selling under the brand name with FIRE TAPE in all GCC countries. The company has set up a vast distribution network for better serving our client. It is our pleasure and undying endeavor to serve customers with cutting edge product which specifically meets their requirements.
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Bioguard surgical hand gel without clip and reel - 50ml

These hand gels now contain Aloe Vera for enhanced skin conditioning and moisturising, extremely suitable for environments where regular hand washing is required. Dries to provide a sterile solution without the need for water.Contains 70% Isopropanol
Supplier : Arasca Medical Equipment Trading LLC DUBAI
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Alpha Gypsum

Attn: Purchasing Manager / Project Manager   Greetings from Pacifique!   We are a General Trading (Manufacturer Representative) company based in Ajman, U.A.E dealing with Alpha Gypsum – Snow White Colour / GRG / GFRG/GRC/POP. Kindly, find the attached Company Profile along with Product details.   Please feel to contact us for any further information. Waiting for your valuable order.   Thanks & Regards, ­­­­ Pacifique Global Trading FZE Office – D1-519B, Ajman Free Zone P.O Box - 40278 Mob: +971 544096831 Email : Website :  
Supplier : Pacifique Global Trading FZE AJMAN
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Solvent based Bitumen Primer ASTM D-41

Solvent based Bitumen Primer ASTM D-41
Supplier : Western Corporation Limited FZE Dubai
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Gypsum Powder

GYPSUM POWDERWe produce high quality GYPSUM POWDER with finest and high whiteness qualities in our own GYPSUM FACTORY using our best GYPSUM ROCKS from our own mine. We utilize our own GYPSUM ROCKS through implementation of different procedures using our latest technology and equipments in conformity with international standard. With this, we are manufacturing it in two sizes: 100 and 200 mesh, respectively. All of our GYPSUM POWDER production sizes are uniform and 100% guaranteed. It is also properly packed using high quality material and available in plain or branded bags.
Supplier : Al Sard General Trading LLC SHARJAH
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 We carry a large range of absorbent pads including oil-only absorbent pads, chemical-only absorbent pads, universal absorbent pads. 
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Al Majlis tent UAE

Al Majlis tent UAEAl Fares International Tents is owned by Mr. Fares Hussein Albaddad who has fascinated many individuals with his experience and knowledge of the manufacturing and supply of tents for more than 40 years. He is the co-founder of Albaddad International Tents and was able to manage the company and cultivate it to the highest standards that allowed it to be globally recognized. We work under the policy and approval of OSHA and Iso 9001 to guarantee our customers receive only the highest of services and quality.
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Oil Spill Kits

Oil Absorbent Pads and PeatMoss for Oil Spill on land and water from Spill Sorb of Canada
Supplier : Equinox Global General Trading LLC DUBAI
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All types of chemicals
Supplier : Al Ward Water Technology LLC SHARJAH
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plastic drum 55 gallon closed open top

Supplier : Idea Star Packing Materials Trading LLC. DUBAI
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swimmingpooscovers Suppliers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Alain, UAE, AL BAIT AL MALAKI TENTS & SHADES +971522124675 All types of Tensile Membranes /Fabric Shade Structures Suppliers / Contractors / Manufacturers in UAE -dubai / Abu Dhabi/ Sharjah / Al Ain / RAK/ Ajman etc., Cantilever Type, DomeType, Truss Type, Umbrella, Column Supported, details as per approved drwgs. Alltypes of Shade Structures: Parking Shades, Shade Sails, Tents, Canopies,Awnings, Umbrellas, Hoods, Walkways, Shelters, Bus Stops, Taxi, Entrances,Lounges, Terrance, Hotels, Parks, Schools, Grounds, Pools, Beaches, Roof Tops,Water Parks, etc. Alldifferent fabrics available from USA, Australia, Italy, UK, Germany, Franceetc. UVProtected fabrics, PVC Coated, Glass Coated, Silicone Coated, Polyester etc.heavy duty with warranty SUPPLY,FABRICATION, ERECTION / INSTALLATION, all across UAE ( Dubai, Sharjah, AbuDhabi, RAK, UAQ, Fujairah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ruwais, Sila, Tawila, Habshan,Palace, Malls, Hospitals, Schools, Ministries, Parks, Hotels, Parkings,Projects, etc.)
Supplier : Bait Al Malaki Tents and Shades FUJAIRAH
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 We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading companies in the U.A.E engaged in providing technically qualified Manpower to a wide range of industrial sectors like Ship Building & Repairs, Heavy Metal Industries, Engineering & Contracting Construction, Thermal Power Plants, Factories, Port Authorities, etc. on a regular basis. Within a short span of eight years we have succeeded in reaching out to handful of reputed establishments in the highly competitive market of the Gulf region. This achievement is mainly attributed to the untiring efforts of our Management, the dedicated services of our Workforce and the uncompromising individual attention given to each one of our valued Customers. The backbone of our business comprises  Manpower Supply of 3G welders, Manpower Supply of 4G Welders, Manpower  Supply of 6G Welders, Manpower Supply of TIG Welders, Manpower Supply of MIG Welders, Manpower Supply of TACK Welders, Manpower  Supply of Structural Fabricator, Manpower  Supply of Steel Fabricator,  Manpower  Supply of Pipe Fabricator,  Supply of Industrial Electricians, Supply of Mechanics, Supply of Duct Men, Manpower  Supply of Spray Painters, Manpower  Supply of  Scaffolders, Supply of Carpenters, Manpower  Supply of Plumbers, Supply of Mason, Manpower  Supply of Steel Fixers, Manpower  Supply of  Riggers and Manpower  Supply of Technical Helpers. Each technical hand is assessed at regular intervals by our well experienced Technical in charge, who also provides them training at our workshop. We also undertake Fabrication / Welding Jobs on Sub-Contract basis. We have accordingly set up a fabrication shop at Sharjah. We do undertake IT solutions such as Structured Cabling, CCTV Installation . Attendance Machine, Access Control System. Having cemented our feet firmly in the market, we are all set to meet your demands with confidence and conviction, which can only be fruitful with your cooperation and trust. We sincerely hope to move forward, towards our mutual benefit and we assure you that your demands and interests will be placed on top of our priorities.For additional information you may contact Mr.Vinayak/Vivek on : 04-3326 226.We have the availability of the following manpower at present: 1. Manpower Supply of Mig Welder2.  Manpower Supply of Arc Welder3   MANPOWER SUPPLY OF FABRICATORS4.  Manpower Supply of Mechanical & Technical Helpers5.  Manpower Supply of Painters6.  Manpower Supply of Electricians We look forward to continue the long standing business relationship with you.  
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We have a large variety of spill kits and accessories for every and any application possible.  Marine Spill KitsOil Only Spill KitsChemical Spill KitsMats & RugsSpill safety stationsSorbent DispensersADR Spill KitsPortable Spill KitsDrum Spill KitsMobile Spill KitsOPA KitsSPC Spill BoxSPC Sorbent CentreSpill DecksSpill Pallets
Supplier : Atradings DUBAI
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Anti Foaming Scale Inhibitor

Item Code: RXSOL-16-1056-210In oil and gas production systems, the inorganic mineral components of produced waters often become supersaturated, leading to scale deposition on the inner walls of flow lines, filters, valves, treating equipment and tanks, restricting or stopping the flow of fluids. These deposits can also reduce the heat transfer efficiency in heat exchangers and condensers, causing overheating and early fire tube failures. RXSOL scale inhibitors are customized to prevent mineral deposition while also removing deposits which have already formed. Relying on years of water treating expertise, we work with you to analyze the water chemistry in your production and injection systems for scaling tendencies and examine any deposits that may have formed to identify scale type. From there, we develop a specific scale control program and chemical application that best fits your production needs, helping you increase your production and reduce the cost of operations associated with scale cleanup, removal and disposal.Other Valuable Product1)Hydraulic & BOP Control Fluid ConcentratesIt is a field proven, dilutable, water based hydraulic fluid specifically formulated for use in high-pressure open / vent to sea Blow Out Preventer (BOP) control systems. The fluid prevents valves from sticking even after long static periods and improves system life under slow moving high load conditions . Part No. RXSOL-16-3764-2102)All Purpose Cleaner 1 Ltrs It is a superior & powerful alkaline buffer cleaner containing corrosion inhibitors toprevent the corrosion of metals . It is a low toxic product with an exceptional solvency power on soiled & oily matter with good foaming qualities . It is free from hydrocarbon solvent , bio-degradable and minimizes the extreme hazards to personnel while handling materials . Can be used for all types of cleaning and degreasing and may be applied by brush , hand spray , high and low pressure washing machines etc. Leave surface residue free. Part No. RXSOL-12-1501-0203)Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor for open and closed cooling systems (ECO)Multifunctional molybdate scale & corrosion inhibitor for open recirculating cooling water systems.RXSOL-40-4022 is a versatile molybdate-organophosphonate blend of scale and corrosion inhibitors for open recirculating cooling water systems. RXSOL-40-4022 is designed for systems with corrosive water (low hardness and/or low alkalinity). RXSOL-40-4022 will provide protection over a wide range of operating parameters.Part No:RXSOL-40-4022-0254)Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor (Cooling Water Treatment)Metallic corrosion and scale controlling advanced formulated product for cooling systems ( open and closed cooling systems ).Part No:RXSOL-40-4091-210.5)Radiator Condensor Scale Controler 20 LtrsCondensor Dispersant Scale Controler (For Radiators, DG - sets, Closed Cooling System) , Specialy formulated for SCALE CONTROL .RXSOL-40-4007-020 is a dry powder, nitrite/borate based compound with unique formulation with organic Corrosion Inhibitors , Anti-Scalant for use in closed cooling water systems , for preventing corrosion and scale Formation in Internal combustion engines, compressor cooling system, DG -set at high or low temperature..Part No:RXSOL-40-4007-020.6)Condensor Radiator Scale Controler 25 Ltrssystems , for preventing corrosion and scale Formation in Internal combustion engines, compressor cooling system, DG -set at high or low temperature..Part No:RXSOL-40-4007-025.
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Waterproofing & Coatings chemicals in uae

Waterproofing & Coatings chemicals in uae
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Supplier : Castle Refrigeration Equipment Trading LLC DUBAI
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Liquid Applied Membrane Waterproofing systems are Type A: External Barrier Systems in accordance with BS 8102:2009.There are many different types of liquid applied membranes including polymer modified bitumens to very high performance 2-component polyurethanes and other complex polymer waterproofing resins. The polymer modified bitumen waterproofing products have now largely replaced the traditional bitumen and pitch based materials due to their easier application and increased flexibility.
Supplier : T.T.K Insulation Contracting LLC DUBAI
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2-Nitroaniline Pure

C6H6N2O2   M.W. 138.12   Min. Assay 98.0%
Supplier : Avi-Chem THANE
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S-1337 Repellent SolutionWater Repellent for Horizontal & Vertical Paving, Concrete Natural Stone. S-1337 is a Solvent-Based, VOC Compliant, silane sealer that penetrates deep and reacts with the surface to farm a long-lasting water repellent surface. Ideal to use on Horizontal & Vertical surfaces keeping into consideration the number of coats will vary depending on porosity and traffic of the surface.Applications:Brick FacadesConcrete BlocksConcrete PaversArchitectural ConcreteExposed AggregateConventional StuccoNatural StoneMarble/GraniteAdvantages and Typical Uses:– Ideal for traffic-bearing surfaces– Prevents chloride ion intrusion– Superior protection against water penetration– Freeze-thaw protection– Breathable– Greater than 40% active ingredients– Excellent for cool weather applications
Supplier : Shelber Bldg Mat Trdg LLC DUBAI
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gypsum uae

Gypsum Boards are well accepted & popular wall & ceiling systems used in the commercial & residential projects.They offer qualities of both wood and stone. It is non-combustible, fire resistant, sound proof & durable. They are also light, flexible, easy to transport, to nail, to screw, to cut & to decorate. This material is widely accepted due to quick installation, wet free conditions and maximum cleanliness. Gypsum Boards are made of aerate gypsum core with special additives covered on each face with durable paper. These gypsum boards are available in Regular, Moisture Resistant, Fire Resistant and Impact Resistance types depending upon the application and usage. Also these are available in Square Edge and Tapered Edge.
Supplier : Ayhaco Gypsum Products Manufacturing DUBAI
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Metal Roof Water Proofing in dubai

Metal Roof Water Proofing in dubai
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Supplier : Prakash Sahoo Building Materials Trading DUBAI
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Silica Sand

We have Silica Sand in different sizes grades  and also foundry grade from AFS 30 to 75..
Supplier : Atlas Al Sharq Tr. Est. LLC SHARJAH
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Gypsum Board

Gypsum BoardFalse Ceiling Tiles0564999366
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Bentonite & Baryte

Raman+0567440635Ayanchem FZEWe are a specialist in Packing , Printing and Perfume raw material supplies like Ethanol, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric acid, Olic Acid Methanol, Triethylene  glycol, IPA , NPA ,Printing Inks, DM Water, perfumes, bottles and perfume manufacturing &  water treatment machinery and etc. 
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Water-proofing Product Portfolio:Sudeep  Alex (055 5256682)BC SEAL BANDDescription:Cold self adhesive band based on butyl mastic covered with non-woven. Non woven allows the product to deform. The adhesive side is protected by a film that can be peeled off.Application:Sealing of wall-floor joints under tiles. The non woven covering adapts to the shape of the support and can be covered by tile adhesive or other coverings or paints. Joints waterproofing. Repair of cracks in cement or fiber cement. The user should test the compatibility of the mastic with the different supports in terms of adhesion and chemical compatibility. Supports must be clean dry and free from dust.BOND CEMENTDescription:Fast-setting cement-based two-component waterproofing bond. Highly strong and elastic product made specifically for laying and overlapping ceramic floors both outdoors (balconies, swimming pools etc.) and indoors (bathrooms, kitchens etc.) Thanks to its resistanceto vertical slip, BOND CEMENT can be used both horizontally and vertically, for example, to bond shower trays and to lay and waterproof bathroom coatings. It does not need reinforcement mesh and is applied in just one coat. BOND CEMENT can be applied on both screeds and pre-existing floors. CLASSIFICATION IN LINE WITH EN 12004 C2TES1 SCUDO SYSTEMDescription:Paste waterproofing product made of special highly elastic resins and additives resistant to piercing. Highly adhesive and easy to apply. It provides a high-thickness, insulating and protective waterproofing covering in just one coat. Ideal for waterproofing walls backed by soil, foundations and concrete products. It guarantees excellent resistance to bad weather and to ageing.WINGRIP BITUMINOSODescription:Based on bitumen and high quality polymers, it is in an aqueous emulsion containing special additives and has very low environmental impact. Ready to use, it has been specifically formulated for creating a waterproof layer and adhesion surface for laying ceramics floors on balconies, shower trays and bath covering. It can be applied easily on both vertical and horizontal surfaces and it is recommended for tiling over existing tiles or cement blocks.WINGUM PLUS H20Description:WINGUM PLUS H2O is a coloured waterproofing water-based liquid membrane based on modified resins of high quality and reinforced by synthetic fibers. It assures great resistance to backwater, aging and U.V. rays. It has been formulated also for difficult waterproofing even on big surfaces and to assure great durability. It can be applied on surfaces subject to trampling and on concrete, ceramic, natural stone materials, brickworks, bituminous membranes, fiber-cement, woods, metal sheds also oxidisable and bricks. It’s ideal to waterproof flat and walkable roofs, terraces and balconies made of natural stones or ceramic, for restoration and protection of bituminous membranes. On surfaces subject to strong strains or elastic tensions, or in order to uniform the layer of irregular floors or tiles, it can be reinforced by WIN TECHNO MAT.WINJOINT BANDDescription:Joint cover waterproofing band made of waterproofing thermoplastic copolymer reinforced by non woven fabric. The product assures good adhesion, thanks to its pierced side stripes, and very good elasticity and elongation. It can be used with every cement polymer modified covers and liquid or paste waterproofs of our, that are:BOND CEMENTWINFLEX-CEMENTWINFLEX-CEMENT SUPERWINGRIP BITUMINOSOWINGUM PLUS H2O20212025WINGUM PWINGUM P ANTIRADICEWINSEALDescription:Professional mono-component adhesive sealant based on special bitumen and high quality polymers.
Supplier : Steadfast Global Industrial Supplies FZE SHARJAH
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Supplier : Al Saqr Industries LLC SHARJAH
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Potential Concrete Placing Boom Dubai

KEDA – Potential Concrete Placing Boom form the most innovated designing concepts. With materialsourcing structure design, control system and reliability, all measuring up to world-class criteria, KEDApotential placing boom, is undoubtedly the best choice for concrete placing in construction. By usingKEDA potential placing boom, the overall working efficiency of the project can be remarkably boosted.KEDA potential placing boom is available with internal climbing type, travelling type, and stationarytype.Contact us: House of Equipment LLC04 880 3079inquiry1@hoeuae.comVISIT:
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Cleaning Chemicals In GCC

Daitona General Trading L.L.C. is one of the UAE’s leading general cleaning items and janitorial equipment supply companies. Ahmadaly Fazal, Managing Director and CEO, traces the company’s journey over the years. For any specialized professional organization, quality, training, service and competitiveness are a sure recipe for success - more so in an economy like Dubai. Daitona General Trading L.L.C. was set up in Dubai by Ahmadaly Fazal, the Managing Director and CEO, just before the Gulf War in 1991. He was following in the footsteps of his father, Late Habib Fazal who had sold his 2-year old cleaning items business in 1984 to migrate to Canada. In 2010, Ahmadaly Fazal was joined by his uncle and now Partner, Nizar Karmali, who is well-known in the institutional business. Today, Daitona General Trading L.L.C. employs 20 people who regularly undergo training in different subjects to keep them abreast with the industry. With his training background in a leading international organization, Karmali spends some of his time preparing course materials for training the Daitona team. Stocks, logistics and showroom: With all orders being required by ‘yesterday’, having ample stocks is crucial for offering prompt deliveries. Daitona carries a large inventory in its four warehouses in Sharjah and one in Dubai. More vehicles have been added to cope with the business growth and demands of the customers. With three pickup trucks and one van, the company smoothly handles all deliveries within UAE. Daitona took its first warehouse in Al Khabaisi area, Deira. The office was also within the warehouse. A year later, a display area was dedicated within the warehouse office. With the growth of the company in 2004 to 2006, Daitona acquired a full-fledged showroom cum office in Abu Hail, Deira. This was the first of its kind in the UAE, then. Today, Daitona is a one stop shop for all the cleaning and janitorial needs of its customers.   The future: The aim of Daitona General Trading L.L.C. is to continue being a leading supplier of quality and durable cleaning and janitorial equipment and accessories with focus on customer service. From a company starting off with air fresheners to one that sells all possible quality cleaning products (with the exception of heavy machines), Daitona General Trading L.L.C. has certainly come a long way.   The brands Daitona represent are: Hygiene System, Vita, IPC Ready System Italy, IPC Pulex Italy, Mr. Brush, KSI, Coronet, Aricasa, Celtex, Papernet, AZ Hygiene, Scentpur, Nu Fresh, Fragmatic, HS Chemicals, Cavallo, Baiyun Cleaning, etc... Under the above-mentioned brands we have the following products… Household Cleaning Products, House Keeping Cleaning Products, Cleaning equipment, Hotel Supplies, Hygiene Systems Cleaning Products, Daitona Cleaning Products, IPC Cleaning Products, Pulex Cleaning Products, Vita Cleaning Products, Mr. Brush Cleaning Products, Celtex Tissue Paper Products, Papernet Tissue Paper Products, Coronet Cleaning Products, Kach Sheng Cleaning Products, Baiyun Cleaning Products, Cavallo Cleaning Products, AZ Hygiene Product, Cleaning Equipment, Aricasa Cleaning Products, Scentpur Products, General Cleaning Products, Floor Cleaning Products, Window Cleaning Products, Janitorial equipment, Wash Room Cleaning Products, Kitchen Cleaning Products, Medical Rolls, Hand Towel Rolls, Center Feed Rolls, Maxi Rolls, Toilet Tissue Rolls, Jumbo Rolls, Toilet Rolls, C-fold Paper, V-Fold Paper, Z-Fold Paper, Interfold, Toilet Tissue Paper, Soft Brooms and Brushes, Hard Brooms and Brushes, Street Brooms,Coco Brooms, Dustpan Sets and Brushes, Vita Mops And Wipers, Floor Squeegees, Window Squeegees, Window Applicators, Aluminum handles, Mop Handles, Metal Handles, Mop Clips, Kentucky Mops, Dustpan and Brooms, Dust Bins, Steel Bins, Plastics Bins, Sanibins, Dry Mops, Wet Mops, Round Mops, Metal Clip Mops, Plastics Clip Mop, Door Mats, Urinal Blocks, Channel Blocks, Hand Soap Liquid, Antibacterial Hand Soap Liquid, Antiseptic Liquid, Foam Soap, All Purpose Cleaner, Pine Disinfectant, Antiseptic Disinfectant, Bleach Liquid, Glass Cleaning Liquid, Dishwashing Liquid, Rubber Gloves, Automatic Hand Dryers, Microfiber Mops, Microfiber Cloths, Housekeeping Trolleys, Janitorial Trolleys, Single Mop Buckets Trolleys, Double Mop Buckets, Mop Wringers, Litter Picker, Kitchen Towels, Paper Dispensers, Multi Fold Dispensers, Soap Dispensers, Aerosol Fragrance Dispensers, Aerosol Fragrance, Stainless Steel Bins, Plastic Garbage Bins, Waste Bins, HS Chemicals Products, Wet Floor Sign Board, Floor Scrubbing Pads, Automatic Aerosol Dispensers, Auto Soap Dispensers, Auto Foam Dispensers, Hand Sanitizer Dispensers, JRT Dispensers, Sponge Combo, Steel Wool, Scrubbing Pad, PP Duster, etc..... Tel-04-297-7972 & 04-268-3390
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MECHANICAL ZINC COATING IN SHARJAHMechanical Galvanizing is a room temperature process in which zinc coatings are applied to fasteners without electricity (which is used for electroplating) and without heat (which is used for Hot-Dip Galvanizing).In Mechanical Galvanizing a thick coating of zinc provides sacrificial or cathodic protection to the steel fastener. Because zinc is more reactive than iron, the zinc coating "sacrifice" or corrodes first, protecting the steel substrate. The rate of corrosion of zinc is at least 10 times slower than that of steel, thus a thin coating of zinc can protect the steel for a long time.Mechanical Galvanizing results in a very uniform coating thickness reducing thread fit issues at assembly, making it a preferable coating for structural applications. Not only does Mechanical Galvanizing provide excellent coating uniformity, but the process is consistent from batch to batch and within each batch, as thickness depends only on the amount of zinc powder.Mechanical Galvanizing is done at room temperature. Fasteners are placed in a large rotary barrel along with zinc powder, special promoters and glass impact beads. The mechanical energy generated from the barrel's rotation is transmitted through the glass impact media that blast the fastener surface with zinc particles. This causes the zinc powder to be mechanically welded on to the surface of the fasteners. With a proper glass media size mix, all exposed surfaces can be coated very uniformly, and the buoyancy of the glass media cushions the fasteners in the rotating barrel to minimize thread nicking. The room temperature process ensures no chance of re-tempering or softening high strength fasteners and guards against hydrogen embrittlement because the fasteners are also never exposed to acid pickling in the process.In contrast to hot dip galvanized nuts, mechanically galvanized nuts are tapped oversized prior to coating, which results the thread to be coated during plating process. Thus the parts are ready to use without any further processing. Further, because of the composite nature of mechanical coating, this naturally lubricated coating does not gall, producing more accurate Torque - Tension Relationship.Mechanical plated parts may be given a post-plate treatment of dichromate dye for color - coding, and phosphate for improved paint adhesion and waxing.Mechanical Galvanizing may be used on a wide range of structural products including ASTM A325 Structural Bolts, A563 Grade DH, Heavy Hex Nuts, A307 Bolts & Studs, A449 Hex Cap Screws, F1852 Tension Control Assemblies and F436 Hardened-Steel Washers, DIN 6914, DIN 6915, DIN 6916 and for small diameter bolts, as well as fine thread bolts, among others.
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Supplier : Azira International DUBAI
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Fully-synthetic thread cutting agent for drinking water pipes. Approved by the DVGW (German Institute for Gas and Water).
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Test Couplings with Piston Valve

Supplier : Topland General Trading LLC DUBAI
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