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The PDetector is designed to detect the partial discharge phenomenon occurring in highvoltage electrical equipment (such as GIS, transformers, power cables, and switchgear). Ifwe fail to find a partial discharge signal during a test, it does not necessarily mean thereare no partial discharge phenomena going on within or around the high voltage electricalequipment. Partial discharge usually has some sort of latency and can be intermittent,and the failure of the insulation performance is not only caused by the partial discharge.If a partial discharge phenomenon is found in high voltage electrical equipment, the datashould be collected and presented in an appropriate format to responsible personnel whocan take the needed preventative actions.
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The PDetector has several accessories that work in conjunction with the main unit. This main unit andaccessories are described in more detail in the following section and table.UHF : UHF sensor for detecting electromagnetic wave signalsdue to partial discharge, the picture shows the wirelessUHF signal processor acquisition transmitter, connectedwith the UHF sensor by a cable, which transmits data tothe host.ULTRASONIC : Ultrasonic contact sensors for detecting the surfacevibration produced when an ultrasonic signal isgenerated by partial discharge spreads through thesurface of the equipment being tested.HFCT : HFCT sensor detects pulse current signals generated bypartial discharge; the sensor is of clamp structure, easyin application and removal. The following is the wi