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A water barrier, also known as a water-filled barrier or water-filled barricade, is a specialized traffic control device used to enhance safety and manage traffic in various situations. Typically made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or other durable materials, these barriers are designed to be filled with water to provide weight and stability. Water barriers are commonly used in construction zones, roadworks, and events to redirect traffic, block off lanes, or protect workers and pedestrians from vehicular hazards.

 The water inside the barriers makes them heavy and resistant to impact, making them effective in absorbing and dissipating the force of collisions. Their modular design allows them to be easily interconnected, forming a continuous and robust barrier system that can adapt to different road configurations and traffic management needs. Water barriers play a crucial role in maintaining safety and order on the roads, ensuring smooth traffic flow, and safeguarding both motorists and pedestrians.

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