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Bread Grade Packaging Film

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"CPP film" typically refers to a type of plastic film made from a material called Cast
Polypropylene (CPP). Here's a description and some common uses of CPP film:
CPP film is a versatile, transparent or translucent plastic film that is produced using a
process called cast extrusion. Cast Polypropylene is derived from the polymer
polypropylene, which is known for its excellent clarity, moisture resistance, and durability.
CPP film is known for its high tensile strength and impact resistance, making it suitable for
various applications.
Uses of CPP Film:
 Packaging: CPP films are widely used in the packaging industry due to their excellent
moisture barrier properties. They are commonly used to package food products such
as snacks, candies, and frozen foods. CPP film helps keep the contents fresh and free
from moisture.
 Lamination: CPP film is used as a laminating material to provide protection, gloss,
and durability to printed materials such as labels, posters, and photographs.
 Labels and Stickers: It is often used for producing labels and stickers, especially in the
food and beverage industry, where the labels need to withstand moisture and rough
 Stationery: CPP film is used for making transparent folders, document sleeves, and
report covers. It adds a layer of protection to important documents while allowing
them to remain visible.
 Industrial Applications: CPP films are utilized in various industrial applications as
protective barriers, particularly when moisture resistance is required.
 8. Agricultural Applications: In agriculture, CPP films are used for greenhouse covers
and as a protective barrier for crops, helping to control temperature and humidity.
 9. Printing and Graphics: CPP films are used in printing processes, including
flexographic and gravure printing, to create packaging with high-quality graphics and
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