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Rigman Senior Shoes

Model: 413 Rigman Senior Shoes UPPER: Suede leather. Padded tongue and ergonomic collarLINING: Moisture wicking air meshTOE CAP: Steel toe cap, 200J, and Light weightFOOTBED: Comfort Anatomic, Antibacterial, shock absorber in the heel areaMIDSOLE: Steel Plate midsole, 1100KN, Anti penetration, anti-Static and light weightOUTSOLE: Insulated with PU / PU, Slip Resistant SRC, EN 20345 S1P / ASTM F2413-11 
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Camping Equipment Supplier In UAE

Camping Equipment Supplier In UAE 
Supplier : Stardom Engineering services LLC ABU DHABI
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Arabic Sadu Fabrics, Heritage Sadu Fabrics, Arabic Tents Fabrics, Bait Shaar Fabrics, Canvas Fabrics.All Types of Sadu Pattern Available. Arabic Sadu Fabrics in the United Arab Emirates is a traditional form of weaving practised by Bedouin women in rural communities. Traditionally men shear goats and camels, and the wool is cleaned and prepared by the women. The yarn is spun on a drop spindle, then dyed using local plant extracts (such as henna or saffron), and then woven on a floor loom using a warp-faced plain weave. The traditional colours are black, white, brown, beige and red, with distinctive patterns in the form of narrow bands of geometric designs. The result is colourful products: clothing, camel and horse decorations, Bedouin tents, majlis floor pillows, carpets and mats. Traditionally, women gather in small groups to spin and weave, exchanging family news and occasionally chanting and reciting poetry. Such gatherings are also the means of transmitting the tradition: girls learn by watching, and are gradually given tasks to do, such as sorting the wool, before learning the more intricate skills involved.​"Arabic Sadu Fabrics" is said to be an ancient tribal weaving craft that artistically portrays Arabian nomadic peoples’ rich cultural heritage and instinctive expression of natural beauty. Woven geometric and figurative patterns and symbols reflect the traditional tribal lifestyle, the desert environment and the weavers’ creative self-expression. Arabic Sadu Fabrics textiles and weaving practice can be seen as an extension of the weaver’s hand, and the graceful moving pace of the camel. Camels were used for transportation and food, but also for textile production, and so their figurative symbolism is important. Camel symbols and tribal animal brandings can create a complex visual code depicted in highly prized woven Sadu textiles. With the demise of tribal existence and the decline of associated weaving skills and memories, the demands for tribal camel textiles have virtually ceased, and so Al Sadu weaving and nomadic animal husbandry, once crucial and vital.Contact Us E-Mail maqavitents@gmail.comAddress: 6 Street #43 - Sharjah United Arab Emirates. CAR PARKING SHADES SUPPLIER 0543839003
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Table Sanitizer Stand

Table Sanitizer Stand 
Supplier : Avensia Group DUBAI
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Football ground Sand supplier in UAE

We are the one of the largest manufacturer for Football ground Sand in UAE & Other GCC Country.  It is used in Construction Chemicals, Sport & Leisure, Oil & Gas, Metallurgical, Laboratory Testing, Glass  Reinforcement, Glass Industries, Foundry Casting, Filtration, Ceramics and Refractories, Agriculture, Traffic Paint and Texture.
Supplier : Gulf Minerals & Chemical Industries DUBAI
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Grocery Shop Renovation Work in Dubai

Our key advantages: -A) Work handling by experienced engineers B) Long Time Experience in renovation works C) Professional labours and SupervisionsD) We have all equipment for Grocery shops E) Fast and Prompt service in the very short period of time F) Understanding and implementing our client requirementsThe Major Activities of Our Renovation work 1)Shelf Dismantle and nail removing2) Removing Floor Tile and fixing new tiles (RAK)3)Demolition of mezzanine-steel 4) Build a new wall/Block5) Electrical work on shop 6) Armored Cable from main DB to shop DB7) AC installation + Chiller Open Installation 8) AC Drainage 9) Isolator for AC and Open Chiller 10) Aluminum Ceiling Work11) Ceiling Electrical Light (60x60) as per shop requirements 12) Front Glass: Clear frameless tempered glass with single door 13) Storeroom doors fabrications14) Gypsum partition for 15) Plumbing works16) Insect killer, emergency light etc17) Providing Air curtain 90cm 18) 3D or 2D Sign Board and sticker works19) Marble top Cash counter as per the guild line of EDD20) Overhead wooden box cabinets  21) weighing machine22) Stainless steel Vegetable stand23) Canopy installations 24) Shelving Turkey makes 25) Composite panel gladding26) Sandwich panel Roofing  28) Inside shop pillar gladding works29) CCTV supply and installations30) POS machines supply 31) Municipality document works and getting approvals
Supplier : Carrier Point DUBAI
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Arabic Majlis Tents Rental in Dubai

Arabic Majlis Tents Rental, Manufacturers, Suppliers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, UAQ, RAK, Fujairha, Alain, Abu Dhabi, UAE, More Details Contact Mr. Ahmed or Mr. Syed 0505773027 / 0568181007Wednesday, 12 April 2017ARABIC MAJLIS TENTS IN SHARJAH +971505773027ARABIC MAJLIS TENTS IN SHARJAHAL DUHA TENTS 0568181007 / 0505773027Arabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents UAE, Traditional Arabic Tent UAE, VIP Arabic Majlis UAE, Arabic Majlis Tents Dubai, Arabic Majlis Tents Abu Dhabi, Arabic Tent Supplier UAE, Rental Arabic Tents UAE.  Al Duha Tents 0505773027 prides itself as one of the leaders in the Tents and Shades Industry. We provide the custom-made traditional tents, aluminium tents, car parking shades and smart shades allowing us to give our customers the best service possible on-site. We use a wide range of fabric and materials such as PVC, KNITTED SHADE CLOTH (HDPE), PTFE, COTTON CANVAS, BAIT SHA’AR (GOAT HAIR), WOOD, FIBER GLASS AND ALUMINIUM. Furthermore we are specialized in making  ARABIC MAJLIS TENTS IN SHARJAH ARABIC TRADITIONAL TENTS FROM GOAT HAIR WOOLEN FABRIC with interior designing supporting. We are also specialized in manufacturing BANQUET TENTS, RELIEF TENTS, CAMPING TENTS, MOBILE TENTS AND ALL KINDS OF PVC TENTS.ARABIAN TENTS.Arabic Majlis Tents comes with different measurements and multiple shapes so they can be installed at any place and in any circumstance even those shapes that are considered out of the ordinary and for specific tastes.Appearance of the outer shape of the Arabic tent varies as desired by the client.Arabic Tents in Uae. Arabian Tent Uae . Arabic tent Al Ain . Tent In Ajman . Arabian Tents Manufacturer In UaeARABIC TENTArabic Tent is the Traditional Tent in UAE, it combines the styles of Arab glorious past and advanced futureArabian Tents In uae Ramadan Tents Arabian Tents Dubai Majlis Arabian Tents  Arabic tents  Arabic tentsAl majlis tents Started With Arabian Tents , Arabian Tents In uae Ramadan Tents Arabian Tents Dubai Majlis Arabian Tents Arabic tents Arabic tents Manufacturer Arabian tents Dubai, We are the supplier of all types of tentsWe Dealing with Ramadan tents, Arabian tents, Luxury tents, Arabic tents best quality Arabian Tents for Month of RamadanMajlis tents Accessories Arabian TentsWe are Al majlis tents company We Design, manufacturing and Supplier of Arabian tents for sales.Arabic tentsWe are the supplier of all types of tents Arabic tents , Arabic tents Dubai , Arabic tents Sharjah , ARABIC MAJLIS TENTS IN SHARJAH. Arabic tents Abu Dhabi Arabian Tents Arabian Tents In UAE Arabian Tents In Dubai Arabian Tents In Abu Dhabi Arabian Tents In Sharjah Arabian Tents In Al Ain Arabian Tents Rental In UAEArabic Tent In UAE Arabic Tent Rental IN UAE Arabic Tent For Sale Arabic Tent For Rent Arabic Tent In Dubai Arabic Tent In Abu Dhabi Arabic Tent In Sharjah Arabic Majlis Tent Arabic Majlis Tents Arabic Majlis in UAE Arabic Tent For Sale Arabic Tent For Rent Arabic Tent For Rental Arabic Furniture Rental Tent For RentTent For Rental Tent For Rental In UAEArabic Majlis Tent Traditional Arabic Tent Rental Arabic Majlis TentsArabic Majlis Tent  Traditional Arabic Tent Rental Arabic Majlis Tents  Temporary Majlis Ramadan Majlis Tents Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.ARABIC MAJLIS TENTS IN SHARJAH. We provide you with the extravagance and enhances the natural beauty of the Arabian style furniture. We provide a lifetime of durability and strength to the furniture. We provide you with Arabian wicker furniture feature long lasting, durable leather bindings and the chairs are adorned with plush cushions for extra comfort and support. We give you an assurance of coziness, warmth and style.Arabian Tents Arabian Tradition Tent Arabian Tent Rental Arabic Majlis Tents VIP Arabic Majlis Arabic Tents Traditional Arabic Tents ABU DHABI DUBAI UAE. Arabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in ShajrahArabic Majlis Tents in ShajrahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in ShajrahArabic Majlis Tents in ShajrahAarabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in SharjahArabic Majlis Tents in Sharjah  is a specialized field of Tent & Shades. We provide best quality Arabic Tents with beautiful traditional Arabic interior. Arabic tent can be made of a wide range of fabric and materials such as PVC, knitted shade cloth (HDPE) cotton canvas, bait sha’ar (goat hair), wood, fiber glass and aluminum.Arabian Tent is the Traditional Tent in UAE, it combines the styles of Arab splendid past and advanced future.Shapes and ColorsArabic Majlis Tents are available in different measurements and customized shapes so they can be installed at any place even those shapes that are considered out of the ordinary and for specific tastes.Exterior of the Arabic tent can be as desired by the client.Exterior of Arabic Tents can be same as traditional black & white stripes. Tents & Shades can blend the classic exterior into washable PVC in different colors as well. Arabic Majlis’ can have different designs & shapes for doors, range can be glass doors, regular tent doors (small and large) and same as Windows’ design and shapes.• Arabic Tents specifications• Spanish/Saudi Sadu• Hidden illumination• German water insulator• Elite German Fabric (Hair)• Best quality inner lining• Sliding door on per demand• Air-conditioner slot as required• Tube emerged around the tent• Visible lighting as per order• Base Height as per orderWe will satisfy all your requests and it will equip and furnish these Arabic and Sadu tents with: Fancy Wooden/ceramic flooring, Installation of all electrical supplies, Provide the external doors with umbrellas, Chimneys in all shapes and sizes, External air conditioners, Internal air conditioners ,Outdoor lighting for entrances, Internal decorations and Internal illumination in the roof. We offer our services Local and National for Party Tents, Structura
Supplier : Car Park Shades ( Al Duha Tents 0568181007 ) SHARJAH
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Supplier : White Metal Contracting LLC AJMAN
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Dian Catering Shoes, Chef Shoes, Nurse Shoes

Supplier : Uruguay Group of Companies ABU DHABI
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Mirror Acrylic Sheets supplier in Dubai

For More details contactkrunal@sabinplastic.comKrunal Patel +971509222146
Supplier : Sabin Plastic Industries LLC SHARJAH
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Please send your inquiries to -
Supplier : Souvenir Building Materials LLC DUBAI
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Aura Slimming Centre Sharjah

For the best Aura Slimming service in Sharjah,trust only Val'O8. Contact us today!
Supplier : Valo8 Wellness Living Slimming & Skin Care SHARJAH
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corner edging

Supplier : Idea Star Packing Materials Trading LLC. DUBAI
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Oxford Leather Shoes IN SHARJAH

Oxford Leather Shoes IN SHARJAH
Supplier : Classic Uniform LLC DUBAI
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Playground Equipments in UAE

We are the suppliers of Playground Equipments in UAE
Supplier : Spark Technical Supplies FZE SHARJAH
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Supplier : Doors & Shade Systems AJMAN
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Kiosk design UAE

Colours Aluminium & Glass is one of the premier solution providers in UAE. Kiosk is one of the services we provide.We design, manufacture and supply kiosks that will perfectly fit the size of your location. We offer standard kiosks which has the latest styling with practical features. Our efficient design makes the kiosk a definite crowd puller among the other.Application: Jewelry Kiosk, Food Kiosk, Candy Kiosk, Exhibition Kiosk, Display Stands Mall Kiosk, Mobile Kiosk, Clean and Modern Kiosk, Interactive Kiosk, Digital Information Kiosk, iPad Kiosk, Kiosk Design UAE, Abu DhabiKiosk Fabricators, Kiosk Suppliers, Kiosk Designers, Kiosk
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Steel Fabrication and Erection

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Event Management Company in Dubai

We meticulously plan your event bringing all event components fitting together in perfect harmony. We plan your pre- event, event and post event phases to make an unforgettable impression. Our in house services and excellent relationships with external suppliers, gives our clients quality assurance in conferences, award ceremonies, seminars road shows, stage design & assembly, concerts, product launches, cultural events, branding, corporate events etc.We provide sound and light, stage and decor, Photography and Videography, event permissions and government approvals etc.Quick Call : +971 55 9102123Email : Event Management Company in Dubai.
Supplier : Jazz Media Service LLC DUBAI
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Exhibition Stands Dubai ,Exhibition racks

Display and Rack Online Store, Display and Rack for shelving, storage, racking, pallet racking, warehouse shelving systems, display units, shop fittings, ...
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Exhibition Hall

Exhibition tents Widely used for: Outdoor exhibition, certificating office, VIP lounges, reception center, news centers, catering area, security inspection area, series of exhibition venues, new products show, party, ceremonial celebrations, sport events, etc.Features:1) High strength Aluminum alloy frames which are good quality and never rusty2) Double layer synthetic fiber cloth is high strength, waterproof, fire resistant (fire resistant grade: B1), windproof, and long service life.3) Unitized structure can be built up by increasing and reducing the size of site according to your needs.4) No bearing column in the structure, you can use the space fully.5) No special requirements for sites, which can be constructed on grassland, asphalt, cement ground and so on.
Supplier : Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shade LLC ABU DHABI
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Steel Crowd Barricades

MANUFACTURERS, FABRICATORS, CONTRACTORS, ENGINEERS, SUPPLIERS of All type of Standard and custom made BARRIERS, BARRICADES, ANTI CLIMB, PICKETS, MESH, BOUNDARY, TEMPORARY/RESTRICTED ACCESS, MASS/ GROUP/ PUBLIC/ CROWD CONTROL SAFETY FENCES, QUEUING/ PASSAGE, BARRICADE RENTAL, BARRICADE HIRE SERVICES / SUPPLIERS IN UAE, SECURITY BARRICADES / BARRIERS FOR CROWD MANAGEMENT, PARKINGS, HOTELS, POOLS, SCHOOLS, BEACH, TRAFFIC CONTROL BARRIERS, DIVIDERS, BARRICADES IN UAE, DUBAI, ABU DHABI, SHARJAH, AL AIN, RAK etc. Available for: EVENTS, SHOWS, STADIUMS, SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES, HOTELS, GROUNDS, PARKS, LAWNS, BEACHES, PARTIES, CLUBS, EXHIBITIONS, CONFERENCE ETC. ALSO STAGES, TRUSSES, DECKS, HESCO, Hesco, Bird / Pigeon Spikes, Bird Wire ETC. GABIONS / GABION MATTRESS, BOX, WELD MESH, Supply & Erection, Material Handling Roller Conveyors, Airport Cargo / Material Handling / Cargo Management / Forwarding Conveyors Systems / Equipments Suppliers / Fabricators / Manufacturers suitable for Airport, Screening, Customs, Ports, Cargo Trolleys, Cargo Belts, Packer-Forwarders, Material Transport / Transfer / Shifting / Movement Roller Conveyors, Cargo Bins, Skips, Airport Cargo Handling Equipment Fabricators / Manufacturers / Contractors / Suppliers / Company for Ground Support Equipments, Trailers, Luggage Carriers, Canopies, Chutes, Ducts, Ground Handling Solutions, Baggage / Cargo / Luggage Carts, Trolleys, Bins, Container Dolly, Belt Loaders, Aircraft Passenger Stairs etc. in UAE / GCC / AFRICA / EXPORTERS   GALVANIZED, PAINTED, POWDER COATED, STAINLESS STEEL, ALUMINIUMALL TYPES OF FENCING SYSTEMSNORMANDY BARRIERSMOJO BARRIERS Supply, Installation/ Erection all across UAE - DUBAI, ABU DHABI, SHARJAH, RAK, UAQ, FUJAIRAH, AL AIN, PALACE, RUWAIS, SILA, TAWILA, HABSHAN, SCHOOLS, MALLS, PARKS, HOTELS, PROJECTS. etc.Fire Escape ChuteEmergency Evacuation ChuteSafety Exit ChuteALSO GABIONS, HESCO BARRIERS, Defense Barriers Bastions Wall, FENCE PANELS, Bird Pigeon Control Wire Spikes Barriers ISO 9001:2008 certified
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water bottle hunter thermos, insulated water bottl

CONTACT : +971554451015 OR Email - bottle 1 liter, hunter water bottle 1 liter, HU-2 hunter water bottle thermas, hunter h2 water cooler widely used in desert,camps, and construction areas,water bottle available in various capacity 500ml to 2 liter capacity, hunter water cooler 1 liter is widely use in every where
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romantic sunset cruise,sightseeing cruise, adventure sailing

Super Yacht is a well established and dynamic Yacht Charter Company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, commited to add on to service, value and professionalism to the leisure marine industry in the UAE offering Luxury, Comfort, High performance and Adventure. Our skilled and highly passionate team will be pleased to welcome you on board, committed to create a safe, friendly, hospitable and positive atmosphere. Our luxurious yachts integrate the latest safety and navigation equipment according to the UAE Coast Guard requirements. a day out with family and friends, a romantic sunset cruise, adventure sailing, sightseeing cruise, celebrating a special day or organizing a corporate event, we will be happy to welcome you onboard for an exciting and memorable experience.
Supplier : Super Yacht Dubai ABU DHABI
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Supplier : Divine Design Cafe ABU DHABI
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We plan themed birthdays with 10s of themes to chose of from invitation cards to thank you gifts.
Supplier : Final Touch Advertising & Events MANAMA
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Artificial Grass for Football grounds

Supply and installation of artificial grass for football ground
Supplier : Bin Tamman Modern Enterprises DUBAI
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