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Cartridge Dust Collector for Steel pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Cartridge Dust Collector for Steel pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Price : USD6000


The Dust Collector in our environmental protection division total including three categories one hundred and twenty varieties,absorbed the advanced technology from Germany, Japan, Denmark and other countries,divided into series of high efficient heavy flow reverse pulse filter cartridge dust collector,the back pulse jetting bag dust collector, mechanical shaking bag dust collector. Mainly used in workshop, shot blasting equipment etc.

Cartridge Dust Collector Usage:

The filter dust collect is widely used for steel , food ,refractory material ,Abrasives,mineral ,chemical industry.

Cartridge Dust Collector Features:

1. High efficiency, 99.9% fine dust can be filtered.

2.Save space, compare with the bag dust collector, one filter can replace 7-9 bags, it has large filter area.

3 .The filter can use for longer time, the material of filter is polyester fiber, besides, a dust board is installed the dust entrance,so that the dust can't impact filter directly.

4.Easy to maintain. Because the filter area is large, it's easy to install and change.

5. There are wheels on the bottom of the dust collector, can move everywhere freely.

6.the surface of box is stoving varnish, looks very nice.

Cartridge Dust Collector Equipment Composition and Structural Characteristics:

The machine constituted by dust chamber, fan, ash hopper, pulse valve, pulse control meter, filter cartridge, air bag, butterfly valve and so on.

The working principle of Cartridge Dust Collector:

Normal operation: under normal operation, the dust into the air filter, and then through the filter element after scattered by the guide plate, dust is blocked on the filter element surface, filtered clean air into the clean air chamber by filter element,then expel it through the outlet pipe.

Filter cartridge deashing: filter element can automatically and discontinuously cleaning soot, at any given time only a set of filter element cleaning soot,high pressure air from inside to outside through the filter, removed the dust that adhere on the filter element surface,the dust fall into dust hopper, and then into the ash bucket.Compressed air pressure is best adjusted to 6 kg/cm27 kg/cm2, satisfy the requirement of soot cleaning function be the standard value.

Applied areas:

The pulse filter cartridge dust collector is a high-efficiency dust collector developed on the basis of the foreign filter cartridge dust collector and combined with the actual situation of domestic environmental protection. It is widely used in dust purification and control in machining, casting, metallurgy, pharmaceutical production, food processing, welding fume, cutting, grinding, building materials production and other industries.

  • Product Details
  • Brand : BESTECH
  • Place of Origin : China
  • FOB Price : USD6000
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set
  • Supply Ability :
  • Packaging & Delivery
  • Packaging Detail : wooden box or according to customer's requirement
  • Delivery Detail : normally within 10 days or according to customer's requirement
typenumber of cartridgefiltering area(m²)
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